Regency Park Pets

Listed are some of the pets that belong to Regency Park residents.  If you have found a lost animal, please contact their owner.

If you would like to add your pet(s) to this list, please send an email to including the following information:

  • Owner’s First Name
  • Owner’s Last Name
  • Address Line 1
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Pet’s Name
  • Pet Description
  • Attach an image to your email if you would like to have an image included on your pet’s profile.

Owner’s Name:  Michele Forman

Address:  4120 Lawngate Drive

Phone #:  972-342-6038 (Michele Forman – wife)  / 469-855-3424 (Blake Fesler – husband)


Pets:  Buster (mostly white male) & Maui (white, black & brown female)

Pet Description: Jack Russell Terrier


Owner’s Name:  Jan Morrill

Address:  4031 Joshua Ln

Phone #: 918-409-7570


Pets:  Obi -Golden Retriever/Terrier mix, approximately 35 pounds, light blonde


Owner’s Name:  Vera & Stuart Kaplan

Address:  4120 Joshua Ln

Phone #: 972-248-7810


Pets:  Elwood – Elwood is a Labrador/retriever. He is a big boy and weighs about 105 lb. Very friendly and likes to meet everyone he sees.

Owner’s Name:  Liz Martin

Address:  4212 Lawngate Drive

Phone #:  214-769-6093


Pets:  Charlie – Small black shih tzu/pug mix. Weighs about 9 lbs, with a long, curled tail.

Lucy – White shih tzu with one blue eye and one brown eye.  She has a tattoo under her hind leg of a heart with an arrow through it (she had this when I rescued her!).

Owner’s Name:  Chani Faber

Address:  4044 Kentshire Ln

Phone #:  740-396-0173


Pets:  Louie – Boston Terrier mix, male.  Tuxedo marking with white paws and a long tail with a white tip.  Friendly & will come when persuaded by food.

Owner’s Name:  Paige Scheer


Phone #:  214-564-6259


Pets:  Arvis – German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix. Golden light brown with a black face, long feathers on tail and rump.

Owner’s Name:  Julie Wilson

Address:  4115 Kentshire Lane

Phone #:  214-991-1800


Pets:  Buster – English Beagle with a brown head, black back, with a white chest and neck.  He weighs about 20 lbs.

Owner’s Name:  Nancy Bolos

Address:  4025 Seabury Drive

Phone #:  214-566-9783


Pets:  Bridget – Bridget is a small Beagle 21 lbs.  She is black/white.  very sweet:)

Owner’s Name:  Carlie and Edward Chen

Address:  4115 Cedarview Road

Phone #:  512-287-9933


Pets:  Sawyer – Sawyer is a hound/pit mix.  He is 50-60lbs.  He is mostly dark brown with some black. He has a white chest and on his face he has a very distinct black marking like mickey mouse.  He is extremely friendly.

Owner’s Name:  Carlie and Edward Chen

Address:  4115 Cedarview Road

Phone #:  512-287-9933


Pets:  Amber – Amber is a Shepard/Chow mix.  She barks a lot but is not mean.  She wears a teal collar.  She has 6 toes on each of her back feet.  She is mostly tan with a black muzzle and ears. She has short hair with longer hair on her tail.  She has big eyes and big ears.

Owner’s Name:  Carlie and Edward Chen

Address:  4115 Cedarview Road

Phone #:  512-287-9933


Pets:  Mandy – Mandy is a Shepard/Lab/Greyhound mix. She is mostly tan with a black muzzle and a white chest and feet. She is about 50lbs. She has small eyes and ears. She wears a pink collar and is very friendly.

Owner’s Name:  Bill and Cheryl Fellenbaum

Address:  4111 Firebrick Lane

Phone #:  972-222-0442


Pets:  Elvis – Terrier-mix.  Small, Gray (silver), white, and brown. He is chipped.

Owner’s Name:  Diane Brett

Address:  4218 Lawngate

Phone #:  972-998-7813


Pets:  Murphy – Black & White Cocker

Mike – White & Black Cocker

Owner’s Name:  Ina Dimova

Address:  4035 Lawngate Drive

Phone #:  469-263-9277


Pets:  Carly – small rat terrier white and gray color.  Very friendly and playful.

Owner’s Name:  Leesa & Brad Cole

Address:  4123 Seabury Drive

Phone #:  972-816-5989


Pets:  Gus & Woody.  Cats: gray, male, neutered, domestic shorthair, have all claws, yellow eyes. Indoor only but we do take them out on supervised visits in the back.  No collar, tags or chips (yet).