About Us

Regency Park I & II Homeowners Association, Inc. (RPHOA)

RPHOA was created to provide pleasure, recreation and non-profit services or activities for its members. By forming the RPHOA the neighborhood was able to resurrect the bordering wall which adds value, privacy and security to all homes in our neighborhood.

The organization is 100% voluntary and relies upon the continued financial support and activism of its members. Please consider joining today. HOA fees are typically hundreds of dollars a year; however, we have been able to maintain our dues at the low cost of $75 for the year.

Thank you for your support!!

2008-05-01 RPHOA I&II Bylaws

1983-10-07 RPHOA II Declaration of Restrictions

Who we are…

The Board and its volunteers work to maintain the neighborhood entrances as well as the bordering wall and city right-of-ways. We foster a better sense of community by keeping neighbors connected via internet, social media, email, and mailers, as well as hosting several community events throughout the year. We work to keep our neighborhoods safe and secure through Crime Watch and relationships with the Dallas Police Department, Dallas Fire Department, and bordering HOAs. We also partner with local businesses to solicit support to further better our neighborhood.

All these improve our quality of life in addition to furthering the value of our homes and increasing the desirability to live in Regency Park.

What we are NOT…

We are not an organization that has created regulations for our homeowners beyond what the city has mandated for all homes regardless of association.

Unlike other associations, we do not create nor enforce association regulations on owning or maintaining your home.