2018-2019 Membership Drive, Curb Painting Incentive

In an effort to increase membership and participation among our residents, the HOA will be offering address number painting on every member’s curb IF we are able to reach our goal of 155 members by July 31, 2018.  Please be sure to pay your dues by the deadline and opt-in to be able to receive this incentive.   The majority of dues go towards the maintenance (insurance and landscaping) of the traffic wall.

There are many benefits to having curb numbers painted, one of which is for first responders to quickly identify your home in the event of an emergency. Uniform curb numbers also provide appeal and promote a sense of community among the neighborhood.

The result will be a simple design of numbers slightly larger than 4.2 inches painted in white on a black background. The vendor will also provide a clear coat sealant and a 2-year warranty on the work.


Call for Volunteers to assemble door hangers

Your HOA would like to extend an invitation to anyone needing volunteer hours  or desiring to help your HOA. We need people to produce a door hanger announcement (folding, hole punching, rubber banding etc) which will be distributed to all neighbors. Please let us know if you can help and a couple of dates that might work best for you by emailing regencyparkdallas@yahoo.com. Feel free to brings the kid along if they would be interested in helping too.

Board Meeting Agenda for May 22, 2018

The next Regency Park HOA Board Meeting is scheduled for May 22, 2018 to begin at 6:30PM and will be at Firestation 10, located on the north west corner of Gibbons and Frankford.

The agenda is below:

May 22, 2018 Board Meeting Agenda

  • Call meeting to order
  • Roll call and verify quorum
  • Discuss meeting minutes from previous meeting
  • Thank outgoing board
  • Welcome incoming board
  • Brief introductions of incoming board
  • Officer elections
  • Treasurer Report
  • Membership Report
  • Board Meeting Procedure
  • Membership Drive discussion and logistics
  • Upcoming events
    • Memorial Day Flags
    • Independence Day Flags
  • Wall Update (Funding, Planning, etc)
  • Safety Security, Crime
  • Set time and date for next (quarterly) meeting
  • Adjourn


Firemen Feast May 9, 2018

Hello neighbors!
It’s time again to begin thinking about our next Firemen’s Feast, scheduled for Wednesday, May 9th.
Some suggestions for items to consider are main dish casseroles, a salad or two, a vegetable,  bread and dessert. Please let the us know at regencyparkdallas@yahoo.com if you are interested in cooking/baking for this feast.
A volunteer will be in touch to arrange logistics for 6pm delivery of the meal on May 9.

Regency Park Voluntary Homeowner Association open meetings

The Regency Park Homeowner Association (RPHOA) is a voluntary association, dues are not mandatory, and the RPHOA has no power to impose fines or assessments on any owner/property.  It is a Non-profit 501c4 organization.
1.  The Texas Open Meeting Act only applies to local and state government and certain Mandatory Homeowner Associations that meet criteria such as providing public utilities, length of existence, and county size.  It does not apply to 501c4 Registered Non Profit Organizations.
This link points to an article that is not applicable to the RPHOA:
Here is the definition of “government” in Texas, per Texas Code:
All RPHOA Board Meetings are open to any homeowner who wishes to attend, they are announced at least 7 days in advance, and the meeting minutes are published on the RPHOA website.  As a voluntary homeowner association, there is no requirement to allow non-member homeowners to attend, though all homeowners are welcome to attend.
The State of Texas Attorney General has clear rules for determining which organizations must make minutes available.  The RPHOA does not satisfy any of those tests which would require it to make minutes available, though, minutes and other records are available to any homeowner who asks.
4. The RPHOA Bylaws state that records must be made available to Members (homeowners who pay annual dues to join the association).  As such, the minutes are posted on the website and Members who request a password have the benefit of reviewing minutes in electronic format.  A link to the Bylaws is here (http://www.regencyparkdallas.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/docs/2008-05-01_Bylaws_of_RPHOA_III_-_Revised.276131546.pdf); the Bylaws have always been prominently posted on the RPHOA website for anyone to see.
5. The RPHOA Bylaws do not specifically state that the traffic wall is the Board’s number one priority.  However, City of Dallas ordinance designates the RPHOA as responsible for maintaining the traffic wall and the RPHOA has the legal obligation to maintain and upkeep the wall – or else the RPHOA loses the right to keep the wall.  Thus, membership funds are prioritized to maintenance of the wall, with any additional funds used for recreational/social functions.
Come learn more at the next Board Meeting scheduled for May 22, 2018 and see for yourself the process that the Board follows in adherence to its own Bylaws.

Board Meeting Announcement May 2018

Mark your calendars for the first Board Meeting of the newly elected Board Members scheduled for Tuesday May 22, 2018.  Location is at a private residence, but accommodations will be made if a large attendance is expected.  Please let us know of your intent to attend and a volunteer will be in touch to share additional details.  regencyparkdallas@yahoo.com

Agenda to follow.

Annual Meeting 2018 Presentation

Slides from last week’s presentation at the Annual Meeting have been posted.   The meeting minutes will be posted in the Meeting Minutes section of the website, and an announcement will be made when those become available.

RPHOA Annual Meeting Presentation 2018

The Regency Park HOA website is the primary source for information regarding up-to-date news about the HOA.  We have made efforts to syndicate this information to Facebook and Nextdoor in order to encourage discussion and awareness.  We also rely on volunteers who graciously canvas the neighborhood to present crucial information in printed form on your doorstep.

If you have not already completed a survey, we encourage you to do so.  Your opinions will inform the incoming Board (made up entirely of volunteers) on issues that are important to you.


2018 Annual Meeting Notice

UPDATE: The library staff have communicated that the building should be open this evening; Annual Meeting schedule and location are unchanged.


Volunteers have distributed door hanger notices to all residents with details about the Annual Meeting.

RPHOA Annual Meeting Notice 2018

Regency Park Home Owner Association Annual Meeting Notice
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 6:00PM at Timberglen Library (18505 Midway Rd, Dallas, TX 75287)

The Annual Meeting is open to all neighbors; you do not have to be a dues-paying member to attend, but you must be a dues-paying member to vote.
You’re invited to attend for an update on:
• what volunteers in the community are doing
• progress report on the demolition of the wall at the Frankford entrance
• financial status of the HOA
• changes the Board has implemented to improve operations
We are currently soliciting nominations for volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors for the upcoming year.
Below is a questionnaire regarding how the HOA can better serve you.
Regency Park Home Owner Association Board of Directors

Are you a member of the Regency Park Home Owner Association? Yes / No
Are you aware that the voluntary HOA is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the brick privacy walls along Midway Road and along Frankford Road (specifically insurance premiums, landscaping costs, repairs, etc)? Yes / No
What other activities should the HOA be doing to encourage/sustain membership?
• Social Events
• Quarterly Newsletter
• Block Captains
• Other. Please explain ___________________________________________________
Any additional comments?
What is the best way for the HOA to contact you?
• Home address: _______________________________________________________________
• Email (please provide email address): _____________________________________________
• Text Message (please provide text message number): ________________________________
• Phone (please provide phone number): ___________________________________________
• Other. Please describe _________________________________________________________
We have created an online version of the survey for anonymous responses; the survey link is at www.RegencyParkDallas.com. Alternatively, you may e-mail your response to regencyparkdallas@yahoo.com, mail your response to Regency Park I & II Homeowners Association, Inc., PO Box 700714, Dallas, TX 75370, or submit responses in-person at the annual meeting.
Thank you for the feedback.