Dallas City Top 5 Code Violations

City of Dallas Top 5 Code Violations

1.)  High Weeds

Grass and weeds over 12″ tall is considered a violation.

2.)  Litter

If you have trash or litter on your property, clean it up.

3.)  Junk Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles that are inoperative and/or partially dismantled and have expired license tags or safety stickers are considered “junk motor vehicles”.

4.)  Obstruction

Blocking sidewalks, alleys, or service areas with trash, weeds/brush, or other objects is a violation of City Code.

5.)   Bulky Trash

Once a month, the city collects large objects such as shrubs, bagged leaves, large tree limbs, appliances, and furniture.  The material may be placed out on your front curb no earlier than 7:00 am on the Thursday prior to collection week.

Note:  Bulk Trash Collection Week for Regency Park is scheduled for Week 1.  Refer to the City website for additional details.